Q.What kind of donations can I make?

A.You can only make financial donations.

Q.When can I withdraw the money raised?

A.You can choose to withdraw on a set date or upon raising complete amount in your campaign.

Q.What can I raise money for?

A.You can raise money to fund high cost medical treatment that can save a life or prevent permanent disability. Typically, this will be serious cases that require tertiary care and are often under-insured, e.g cancer.

Q.Can I raise a campaign for supplies instead of money?

A.No. You can only raise campaigns for financial aid. You can use the money raised to buy the supplies you need.

Q.Who can raise a campaign?

A.Individuals, hospitals, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, representatives from communities, and other health organizations can raise campaigns. FundEzer can also raise a campaign on behalf of any of these people.

Q.What happens where a person dies after funds have been raised?

A.Where a patient dies after funds have been raised, the news of such patient’s death will be published, and the pending bills already incurred will be paid off. The balance will be pushed to a campaign of a similar cause which will also be published on the site.

Q.How can you be sure that campaigns are authentic?

A.Fundezer is very intentional about funding only genuine cases, therefore before publicizing any campaign on our platform, we make sure to do background checks to validate the campaign.  Our medical team would also assess the condition and interact with the hospitals to confirm that it is not a helpless case.

Q.How do I know that the money has been spent for the purpose for which it was raised?

A.We vet all campaigns rigorously before they are posted on our platform. We also ensure that where more than two million naira is raised, we pay most of the money raised directly to the service providers involved in the patient’s treatment.

Q.Why do I see RHIPFactory – Fundezer in my payment receipt?

A.Fundezer is a social venture of RHIPFactory, the first healthcare startup studio in Africa. For more details about RHIPFactory, go to www.rhipfactory.com.

Q.How do I get donations for my campaign?

A.Every user on the platform is notified of your campaign. You can as well advertise your campaigns on social media platforms. We also help you to publicize your campaign on social media platforms for wider reach.

Q.Is there an age limitation for campaigners?

A.Only persons of 18 years or above can register as a user on the platform. However, when a minor has need to raise a campaign, an adult can set up and manage the campaign on his/her behalf.

Q.What can I raise money for?

A.Fundezer is a medical crowdfunding platform. You can only raise money for patients who need medical intervention but are unable to pay for it.

Q.When can I request to withdraw the money raised for my campaign?

A.You can request for a withdrawal before the full amount requested is raised, but where your campaign is asking for more than two million naira (NGN2,000,000), we pay most of the funds raised directly to the service provider.

Q.Can a friend request to withdraw the money I raised for them?

A.Only the campaigner can request a withdrawal for the money raised. However, where a patient or any interested party has reason to suspect that the campaigner is about to commit a fraud, he can report to us and the money raised will be withheld until we are able to investigate the allegation.

Q.Do I have to pay to use FundEzer?

A.FundEzer is free to use. You are not required to make any form of payment before starting a campaign. However, there are administrative and payment processing fees which will be deducted directly from the funds raised before withdrawal is made. See Donation and fees

Q.What if I don’t reach my campaign goal?

A.We hope that you are able to reach your campaign goal but where you are unable to, we can attempt an intervention by contacting our partner hospitals to see the possibility of getting the medical attention required with the money raised.

Q.Can someone set up a campaign for me?

A.Your friend or family member can set up and manage a campaign on behalf of a patient. However, we will take steps to ensure that the campaign is genuine and the money raised is utilized by the patient for whom it was raised.