Our Vision

In 2025, the 1000th patient funded by our community of micro-donors comes out from surgery successfully.

One day in 2030, every patient stands a chance of beating that chronic ailment because they have funds to access medical treatment

Our Mission

Nobody should ever die because they lack funds to access healthcare.

We want to see a time where a person receives news from the doctor that he has a condition and needs a surgery and such person does the surgery within a week because he has access to funds made available through the FundEzer community.

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion” – African Proverb.

Our Dream

FundEzer is a social venture created by RHIPFactory, the first healthcare startup studio in Africa.

It is a combination of the English word “Fund” and the Hebrew word “Ezer” which means “Help” or “to save or rescue”. Literally FundEzer means FundHelper.

Our big dream is to build a large community of micro-donors (kindhearted people who can give little amounts of money regularly to support campaigns on the platform). We want to democratize Philanthropy.

The idea of Fundezer was birthed from the observation that there were so many uncoordinated appeals of medical assistance for the sick and many people who truly want to help are wary of being defrauded by false claims.

FundEzer verifies every campaign and ensures that donated funds are channeled directly to the managing or prospective healthcare provider. The aim is to satisfy our valued donor community that their donations are strictly applied for the purpose why they donated.

FundEzer is Nigeria's #1 Medical Funding Platform.

  • Transparent Processes
  • Reliable Platform
  •  Verified Campaigns
  •  Healthcare-focused

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RHIPFactory is Africa’s first healthcare startup studio. We design, build, and grow companies that leverage digital technologies to improve the experience and access to healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our mission is to impact 100 million households by 2028 through our portfolio companies. 

We harness and nurture our creative energy through our healthcare innovation parks, where we groom future entrepreneurs to disrupt the health sector for Africa.

We strongly believe in gender equality and actively work to close gender gaps in the healthcare entrepreneurship space. We therefore encourage females of all background with a passion for healthcare, to join our cofounders-in-residence program. It is also open to male applicants.

To join the program and have the unique opportunity of being part of our startup teams, please visit www.rhipfactory.com