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Your donation can help change this. When you donate to our organization, your money will go directly to providing medical care to people in need. This could mean anything from providing basic medical supplies to funding surgery.
Did you know 34% of Nigerians cannot afford to pay for basic health care. While 60% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to essential health services.
Imagine the difference you could make in the life of someone who is struggling to get the medical care they need. Your donation could help them get the treatment they need to live a healthy and productive life.

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About FundEzer Foundation

FundEzer Healthcare Foundation (FHF) is a duly registered non-profit organization, focused on assisting patients who are financially vulnerable, uninsured or underinsured to get the necessary funding support for their medical bills through micro-philanthropy.

Across Africa and in many developing countries, access to quality medical care can be challenging due to poor health insurance and high out of pocket payments for medical expenses. In these countries, the significant percentage of the population live below the poverty line and financial barriers to good healthcare can have catastrophic outcomes, even the death of the patients.

FHF is a social enterprise built on the philosophy that human beings are inherently kind and desire to be, benevolent toward others in less fortunate circumstances. our desire is to provide a credible place where individuals can help and be helped.

Are you a hospital with patients unable to foot their medical bills? FundEzer can help!

FundEzer is a crowdfunding platform that allows people to raise funds for medical treatment. With FundEzer, you can create a campaign for a specific patient and share it with your community.

FundEzer can help you raise the funds you need to provide your patients with the care they deserve. With a successful campaign, you can provide your patients with the medical treatment they need to get well.

Sign up for FundEzer today and start raising funds for your patients!

Building a Micro-Philanthropy Network

Join us in making a meaningful impact in the lives of people in need. Together, we can create a world where everyone has access to quality healthcare.

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Top Medical Campaigns

Your donations help us fund medical treatments for people in need. With every single donation, you're saving and changing lives

Saliu needs a new kidney

Help Ken pay for plastic surgery

Daniel needs to pay his bills


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Our Impact

Our Beta program launched
1 Million
Our targetted Micro-Donor Community by 2030
Our Minimum Targeted Medical Cases for Funding per Annum
N 1 Million
To be Raised for Patients per Annum

“When spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion” – African Proverb.

How you can help

Join Our Micro-Donor Community

Fundezer is building a community of micro-philanthropist by enlisting the support of kind-hearted individuals committed to donating as little as N500 or $1 monthly to support medical causes and campaigns on the platform.

Become a Volunteer

It's not just about donations, it is about making a change and standing for what you believe in. Help bring hope to the lives of other s by becoming a volunteer, where you can champioin and raise funds for a medical cause of your choice.

Partner with Us

We are building strategic partnerships and collaborations with hospitals, businesses, cooperations, NGO's , Fatih based organizations, etc who ae committed rto social cause and and various CSR initiatives aimed at assisting patients to fund their medical treatment through corporate donation.

Thanks to You, Mr. Ngwodo started his treatment.

On 23rd December 2019, Mr Ngwodo was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Thanks to you, Mr Ngwodo has begun treatment as together, we were able to raise ₦400,000 for him.

Join our Community

Through our platform, we are building a community of compassionate individuals who are committed to donating as little as 500 naira  or ($1) to provide financial help to patients in need of high cost medical interventions. These donations can be given as a one-time event or as a regular activity on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer program is designed to enable individuals or organizations to make an impact in their community by driving and publicizing campaigns/outreaches within their network to raise funds for causes they care about.


FundEzer is committed to reducing the incidences of poverty related medical deaths through micro philanthropy and in order to achieve this, we have created a community of philanthropists who can donate as little as N500 monthly to cater for patients that cannot afford their treatment.
This community is founded on the motto: ALL OF US, FOR ONE OF US.

As a member of this community, you are ensuring that in the event that you are the patient in need of help, you have a community behind you, willing and able to help you.

Join this community of micro donors today. Ensure that a safe haven exists for you, your loved ones and other patients that may be in need.

A Patient Here is Counting on Your Help

recurring donation

Would you love to make regular donations but you’re too busy and might forget sometimes? You need not worry because we have got you covered. You can take advantage of the automated donations feature which allows you to be automatically deducted at any time you choose, and of any amount you choose.

What people have to say

The work FundEzer is doing will create an opportunity for indigent patients in Nigeria to have access to healthcare that they ordinarily wouldn't be able to afford. At the same time, FundEzer is giving an opportunity to each and every Nigerian to be able to impact the lives of millions of Nigerians, one patient at a time.

Dr. Linus Okorie
Founder and President, GOTNI Leadership Centre

Access to healthcare is very important anywhere in the world. As the saying goes, health is wealth. FundEzer provides assistance to patients for their medical bills. I applaud FundEzer for this laudable project in ensuring that indigent patients get funding for their medical bills because not everyone can afford basic health care.

Betse Dan-Abia
Associate, Olumide Sofowora Chambers

What People Are Saying

With FundEzer, getting help for medical treatment is easy and reliable.


You can set up your campaign in minutes, all by yourself.


Your campaign is instantly shared to our community of ready donors.

Expert Advice.

Our partner health providers offer free medical advice and second opinion to campaigners.

24/7 Support.

We are available 24/7 to provide support and respond to your questions.

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