Donation and Fees


Fundezer encourages multiple small donations to support campaigns on the platform. Little drops of water make an ocean.

At the end of a campaign, the donations are sent within 72 hours to either the patient, the campaigner, or the designated hospital.

Total donations less than N2m ($5,000) are sent directly to the verified patient, the family, or the campaigner (in that order).

Total donations in excess of N2m ($5,000) can only be sent to the verified hospital that is treating or scheduled to manage the case.

Payment Processing Fees

Please note that payment processors like paystack charge standard payment processing fees for every transaction. The fees charged are as follows:
International Transactions: 3.9% + NGN100 per transaction
Local Transactions: 1.5% + NGN 100 per transaction

These processing fees are deducted from the total donations

Fundezer Sustainability
Fundezer is a social enterprise. We only charge fees that enable us to keep the platform operational and credible.

We invest heavily in the development and maintenance of a secure platform. We also bear significant logistics costs required to verify the authenticity and medical necessity of the cases on the platform. This is important to protect our kind hearted donors from unscrupulous elements in the society who may wish to use the platform for dubious purposes.

Hence, Fundezer charges 7.5% of total donations raised for a campaign as administrative fees.

Where a patient requires and raised less than N500,000, Fundezer can waive administrative fees on discretionary grounds to further support the patient. This is decided on a case to case basis and is absolutely at the discretion of Fundezer.

Extra or Hidden Fees
There are absolutely no hidden fees or charges.

Covid-19 Related Donations

Fundezer is using its platform to support the fight against the novel Corona Virus pandemic. It may be donations to support medical research, to equip the health system, or to protect frontline health workers.

Fundezer charges 2.5% of total donations raised for a campaign as administrative fees for Covid-19 campaigns.