How it works

Message for Campaigners

Sign up and begin your journey to raising funds for your medical treatment. You can start a campaign for yourself or on behalf of some other patient.

After you set up your campaign, your campaign has to be verified before it is published for donors to see. This is to ensure that we maintain credibility on the platform.

In order to verify your campaign, we will require certain information and documents about the patient’s condition gotten from a trusted hospital.

After your campaign is verified, you can promote your campaign yourself or you cancontact a volunteer to help you promote your campaign. The FundEzer digital marketing team can help you with some graphic designs for your promotion but the success of your campaign greatly depends on the depth of your promotion.

We are building up a community of micro-donors who make donations monthly. In ashort while, we’ll have funds enough to help you raise the money you need and close your campaign within a few days.

Message for Donors

Sign up and begin your journey in effective philanthropy.

The goal of FundEzer isn’t merely to be another crowd-funding platform, but to create an active community of micro-philanthropists; people who make donations regularly, people we can count on.

To donate, you can search through the campaigns periodically and make a donationto any of the campaigns you are interested in; or you can use the recurring donations feature to make donations of any amount you choose on a monthly basis.Funds from recurring donations are pushed to the most urgent and life-threatening cases.

On your profile dashboard, you can keep record of your donations and meet your charity goals for the year.